About Vimarsana

  • Vimarsana helps find local business within india on several categories like restaurant, schools, hospitals, night clubs & many more.
  • Vimarsana takes a different approach in rating local business by asking users to rate on specific question related to business in terms of quality, performance, cleanliness, value & other categories and uses our software to provide overall rating.
  • Vimarsana provides business owners to claim their business to upload photos and respond to users questions without alternating the users comments.
  • Vimarsana provides top recommended local business based on users location and interested categories.
  • Vimarsana prohibits anonymous reviews by restricting users to use facebook social login to access the site.

Design & Developed By

Ramakrishnan Lakshmanan

Cloud Digital Transformation Consultant & Delivery , NLP & Blockchain Expert

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