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We've a huge selection of products from the best brands in the world :

We also offer discounts on all of our products 365 days a year.

Apart from retail, we also provide boarding and breeding services operated by our subsidiary - The Tripathi's Kennel. Visit our website for more.
Pets LifeStyle has come a long way from its humble beginning as Tripathis' Kennel. Co-founded by Vishnu and Praveen Tripathi in 1999, Tripathis' Kennel started off as a retort to the sorry state of the dog breeding industry in their hometown Bhopal. Tripathi brothers have had a penchant for pets since childhood and they decided to take the bull by the horns and change things. In less than a decade from it's upstart, through their hard work and perseverance Tripathis' Kennel has become a renowned and prestigious kennel all across India with several comprehensive wins in pan India dog shows. Tripathis' Kennel are now looked up as the benchmark for quality.

However, they found the shopping experience for pet care products, especially retail, very time consuming and frustrating. Shop A had food but no accessories, Shop B had accessories but no food and Shop C had both food and accessories but not the brand they wanted. It was, well, a bloated mess. This led to the establishment of Pets LifeStyle in 2008, a chain of retail stores stocking all things pet - food, accessories, medicines - along with breeding and boarding avenues through it's subsidiary Tripathis' Kennel.

With more than 15 brands under their roof, including global leaders like Mars-Royal Canine, Pedigree and P&G Eukanuba, Pets LifeStyle is keeping well to its promise of providing a one-stop shop for all your pet needs - food, accessories, breeding and boarding. Pets LifeStyle now has 3 outlets spread across Bhopal and are planning to launch stores in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Bangalore very soon, followed by 15 more stores nationwide.

"We're not a retail store. We're a brand. We believe our responsibility doesn't just ends at selling quality stuff at unbeatable prices. We're more than that. We're a service provider. We consider it our responsibility to make people more informed on how to take care of their pets and provide them an easy and affordable way to do it i.e. shopping at Pets LifeStyle. We're already the largest Pedigree dealer in Central India and I'd like to thank everyone for their love and support. We've plans for aggressive nationwide expansion in the next couple of years so watch out for a Pets LifeStyle store near you soon !"

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