6100 Old Leeds Road Irondale AL, united states

(205) 379-5350



Antjuan Marsh - Principal
Berry Byington- Asst. Principal
Marvin Carter - Asst. Principal
Gerolyn Woodruff - Asst. Principal
Stanley Bolling - SVTA Asst. Principal

SV Phone: (205) 379-5350
JCIB Phone: (205) 379-5356
SVTA Phone: (205) 379-3300
SV Fax: (205) 379-5395
JCIB Fax: (205) 951-1372

Shades Valley has a rich heritage dating back to 1948. At that time, it was the only over-the-mountain high school. As the years passed, many new high schools were formed from the Shades Valley zone which changed the Shades Valley population.

Shades Valley's old campus started with dirt parking lots in the fifties. The old Tower, an historic symbol for all alumni, actually worked at one time. A tree planted in 1948 when the old school was built, grew and flourished until 1979 when a senior prank destroyed the tree.

In the fifties and sixties, school dances were held in the gym after football and basketball games. Students would cruise Eastwood Mall, go to the Starlite Drive-in, The Pig Trail Inn, Ed Salem's, or Dale's Hideaway.

Clothes and hair styles have changed dramatically over these last fifty years. School policy has had to constantly update dress code violations.

The former Shades Valley building is gone, but memories will last for a lifetime. In 1996, the new Shades Valley was ready to house more than two thousand students and teachers. Shades Valley has definitely experienced a variety of changes since it opened in 1948, but many solid symbols of tradition remain.

Shades Valley High School now has three campuses--the main building, JCIB, and the technical academy. There are 78 classrooms, three science labs, nine computer labs , two gymnasiums, a weight room, a colossal theatre with a state-of-the-art technical booth, a Family Consumer Science kitchen and living area, a band suite, and choral suite.


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